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The SEVEN Planetary Perils For Humans Reaching New Earth Ascension: – (1) Air…


December 16, 2016

Death, Global, Spiritual


There are many widely known and experienced perils to maintaining a Human planetary existence. However, they are not always acknowledged even when they are exposed. Most people would prefer to deny or ignore them, even though many people may not even be aware of their presence, but, just like Nuclear ionising radiations, they are Real, [...]

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Going beyond the limited and locked in construct of our 3D World Reality

Its been a while since I’ve felt the need or even inspiration to write a new Blog post  but today I was inspired to do just that… Its actually been nearly 2 years since my last post. Thats because I decided only to post topics I believe to be of lasting interest. Ones that need [...]

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Beyond 2013 or a New Earth 2.0!


December 23, 2012

New Earth 2.0


No one should be in any doubt now. We are in a new time! A new age and at the beginning of a New Earth! (see: waking up to what our media, corporations, governments, education and medical institutions don’t tell you and don’t want you to know) …On a dimensional, energetic and vibrational level we [...]

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Welcome to 2012! – A year of great change and great possibilities…


January 1, 2012



Welcome to year 2012 ! “…The vast majority of human beings on earth still lives in a deep slumber and in total neglect of the fact that they are immortal multidimensional beings and sovereign creators (masters) of their reality. They do not realize that they shape their destiny through their thoughts, emotions, and above all, [...]

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Looking into the mirror of self-reflection – Black and white reflections


October 11, 2011



This article was prompted by the many thoughtful hours I can sometimes spend at abagond’s site diligently responding to his written posts and other commentators on the subject of racism. One of his last posts, in particular, – The hearts of white people, part II – produced such an avalanche of comments that even abagond [...]

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